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During this stage we will make all the necessary arrangements for utilities such as water, electricity, telephone, internet, TV service , and any other utility the client will request.

Following any order we will take care of all the logistics for the deliveries and installations of such products and services.

Should you need assistance in the moving of furniture or any other bulky objects, we can take care of all the necessary permits with the concerned community authorities and the hiring of lifters and movers.

Some of the major services offered during the After Sales and the Relocation Stages:
  • Professional financial advice.
  • Guidance in applying for personal bank accounts and home loans.
  • Movers & handling of permits with the local communities for the movers.
  • Customs Clearance From and outside the EU.
  • All sorts of Permits with the local authorities.
  • Professional Legal and Notarial Services.
  • Insurance Medical, Health, Property, Car, etc.
  • Medical and veterinary appointments for family members and pets, respectively.
  • Necessary travel arrangements, such as hotel or holiday apartment reservations.
  • Logistics of all the personal belongings.
  • Cleaning service.
  • Professional Architects and support with the local Planning Authority (MEPA)
  • Turn key service contracting of finishing, maintaining, upgrading or refurbishing of the dwelling by giving professional services of masonry, plastering, painting, plumbing, electricity, joinery & carpentry etc.
  • Information and application for schools both private and state.
  • Telephone Television & Internet service applications.
  • Water & Electricity supply
  • Carpentry for custom made furniture.
  • Furniture suppliers
  • White goods and other electronic supplies
  • Car Rental Services.
  • Purchase of new or second hand cars
  • Alarms and home security