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Call us now or fill in the hereunder form for an appointment for a free valuation and once of our agents will contact you to discuss and consult you with the sale of your property.

During our inspection, our experienced agents will guide you and advice you about the property market and on how to sell your property quickly and get the best price.

Should you be eligible to pay capital gain tax or final withholding tax we suggest you discuss the matter with a notary of your choice. Should you want us to recommend you a notary do not hesitate and please do so.

See also our Selling Tips.

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Selling Tips

  • Remember that the property market is very seasonal: spring and autumn are good times to sell, whilst Christmas and summer tend to be slower.

  • Accept only a no sale, no fee agreement with your chosen agents.

  • Buyers can be put off before they're through the front door: make sure the outside of your property looks its best, with the rubbish in a bin, and communal hallways clear of junk mail etc...

  • Make sure any terrace, yard, balcony, garden or window box is a selling point. Use fresh flowers and plants to make your property feel more welcome and fresh.

  • Light Light Light. Open all windows and curtains. Let all the nature light in as much as possible.

  • Clean, repair and repaint exterior surfaces.

  • Repair interior surfaces, replace broken tiles, recoat dirty or scratched paintwork and make sure all sockets and light switches are working

  • Clean, clean, clean - including windows (inside and out), curtains and carpets - especially if you're looking to sell these with the house

  • Buyers are interested in spaces, not your stuff - keep rooms tidy and uncluttered.

  • Consider using local storage while the property’s on the market to help you clear out.

  • Take the opportunity to get rid of junk.

  • Home improvements: you may love the way your home looks, but it may not be to everyone’s taste. Consider some redecoration: e.g. repaint bright walls in neutral, light colours.

  • Make sure room temperature is inviting - turn the heating on in winter, and the air condition on in the summer, or open windows.

  • Smell does affect what people think of your home: fresh flowers will also brighten the room; bear in mind that cooking odours can linger, so avoid cooking with strong flavours before a viewing. A fresh vanilla pod in the oven also makes the trick.

  • If you have children or pets, consider getting someone else to look after them during a viewing.

  • Only let someone in if they've made an appointment; if someone turns up on your doorstep, take their details and arrange a later viewing